Eagle Eyes - Anti-Fog Visor Spray

When we made the switch from the bird cage to the visor, we tried every visor spray on the market, but to no avail. There was always fog, grime and smears. We also tried all the old tricks in the book - like rubbing shampoo all over your shield, or even spitting on it... (don't lie, you've tried that too). Then we formulated Eagle Eyes. There isn't much to say about this product other than, it really works!  

Eagle Eyes is a triple threat providing cleaning power, fresh eucalyptus scent and amazing defogging ability. And of course it's all natural.  

You'll be seeing the ice like you've never seen it before and wheeling up the wing will be easier then wheeling a tire down a hill.

Oh yeah, Eagle Eyes comes with a sweet Barn Burner micro-fibre towel to ensure your fish bowl or visor is smear-less and legitimately crystal clear, for FREE.

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