Filthy Mitts - Deodorizing Equipment Spray

The post hockey stench is REAL, and never seems to go away. Just ask your parents...

Behold, Filthy Mitts Equipment Spray! The all natural solution for that post hockey stench. Filthy Mitts works to sanitize and deodorize, leaving your equipment smelling fresher than your mom's pasta on game day.

Our equipment deodorizing spray contains highly effective essential oils and other safe ingredients that combine to provide anti-microbial capabilities. Filthy Mitts doesn’t just mask smells, it’s formulated with high grade, anti-bacterial ingredients like pure witch hazel and organic tea tree oil that KILL germs and KILL odour for good. When used regularly, this formula will maintain a fresh smell and help fight against the bad bacteria that build up from sweat and grime. 

Choose your bottle size. We have the regular 118ml and our all new trigger spray bottle coming in at 237ml.  The trigger spray allows for more odor killing coverage, and also includes a locking mechanism to ensure your trigger spray does not spray unexpectedly in your bag.

Check out our blog post on the importance of caring for your hockey gear and how Filthy Mitts can help here.

Bundle and save with our hockey box options. Check the Cherry Picker Box or the Power Play Pack try our other great products! 

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Canada Canada

Not shampoo.... But amazing

Ok so I accidentally sprayed this on myself in the shower thinking it was the 2in1.... As the great painter Bob Ross would say, it was just a little happy accident, I smelled AMAZING. My girlfriend who loves Christmas was all over me because I smelled like peppermint. I then proceeded to use it excessively on my house to mask the smell of dog. It's been three days and my house still smells like the freshest of fresh but in a great way. 10 out of 10 will use again.

Nick S.
Canada Canada

Sweet Mitts!

I bought 3 bottles of the Filthy Mitts deodorizer for me and my two girls. This stuff is great! It not only does exactly what it promises, it also has the guys in my beer league team asking about it every week. Which, as I’m sure we’ll all agree, is something for a bunch of sweaty, beer drinking animals!

Jonathan S.
Canada Canada

Finally a deodorizer that actually works!!!

I have used over a handful of overpriced deodorizers and all of them failed. Filthy Mitts doesn't just mask the smell, it takes it away and cost way less than the rest!!!

M. M.
United States United States

Helps with the stench!

Product has been great so far!

christopher M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Mitt Stink BEGONE!!!!

The peppermint mitt spray is now a part of his hockey kit bag even gives his lid a little spray to mask that sweaty head smell. Overall great product, nice strong smell and for shipping to Scotland it timely and even had a little note in there for the kid

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