The Barn Burner Story

The Barn Burner Story

April 05, 2018


The organic health boom is part of a larger shift in consumer awareness about health and wellness. There is increasing evidence that certain ingredients in personal care products are linked to a wide range of health concerns. Our goal at Barn Burner Hockey is to create a brand that is concerned with environmental impact as well as the health benefits that our all natural hockey products can offer our customers. 

As hockey players, we noticed that there were no all natural, organically sourced hockey products available for the health conscious parent or player in today's market.  That combined with the idea of convenience, we decided to create a hockey subscription service offering a selection of various hockey tape with our own line of all natural, premium hockey products.  


Our goal is to offer membership to an exclusive hockey club providing premium hockey products that players use every single time they play, with the health benefits that all natural, locally and organically sourced Canadian ingredients provide.  Our subscription service will make hockey players of all ages, (and their busy hockey parents) lives easier by conveniently shipping their products to their doorstep every month. The 3 different subscription boxes are easily and conveniently setup so our members can visit our site, choose their box, select the interval they wish to receive their subscription and customize their tape selections.  Then, each month members can include any of our premium product add-ons as well as access their player profile to edit their tape selections so they always have what they need on hand to be at the top of their game. 


On top of our mission, understanding and respecting the sport of hockey inspired us to want to give back to the hockey community.  That’s why Barn Burner Hockey will regularly sponsor and donate funds to kids hockey charities in hopes all kids can have the same opportunity we had, to play the game we all know and love. 

Hockey is a wonderful thing for a kid.  It truly made us who we are today.  It shaped the attitude, work effort and character we built as we grew up enthralled within it.  It forged the strongest friendships, which are still intact today and will be forever.  There's a bond that is formed as part of the game.  A code.  Those fortunate enough to play hockey, live by that code and respect it.  We hope that our premium, handmade, all natural hockey products will help our customers throughout their hockey journey.  

100% Canadian made all natural products, created by hockey players, for hockey players. 

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