Humboldt Strong

Humboldt Strong

April 13, 2018

What happened in Humboldt, SK last week was an absolute tragedy. One that has swept our nation and even the world.

As you can imagine, the boys and I have been racking our brains on how we can support the Broncos initiative in an impactful, long term way.  

As hockey players ourselves, we felt compelled to do more. We wanted to build something bigger to show our continued respect and support with an ongoing donation fund.

We came up with a special edition green Humboldt Strong stick wax; that will be sold for $10 + tax + shipping, and all the profits collected from this product will be donated to the Humboldt Broncos Humboldt Strong Community Foundation that was setup to help the victims and their families.  

We want to keep this product as an active product SKU so from our small contribution, we can continue to support and donate money to this cause well after the shock and press goes away, as long as the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation accepts donations. 

Our hope is that every individual who supports this Humboldt Strong campaign by purchasing a commemorative green wax, will remember what their contribution means each time they wax their stick and hit the ice.  We want this wax to represent something more than the donation alone.  It represents a moment.  That moment of silence that we can all share when taping our stick.  A moment dedicated to remembering the victims, their families, and the community. 

For that moment we can always remember them, and that we play the game we love for something greater. 

Thanks to all who support this, as well as any other initiatives out there to help the Humboldt families, friends and community. Amazing to see the people come together to lend support in time of need.


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Thanks to our friends at Mutiny Studio for helping us launch this campaign.


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